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Last updated : 13-Sep-21

Bridges 14 Air date : 11th September 2021 @ 1900 hours

The fourteenth edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's show dedicated to electronic / alternative music aired at 1900 hours on 11th September 2021.

A slight change of tack tonight. Rather than play a collection of tracks that nobody has heard of and nobody can remember, I decided to play a mix of old favourites and some slightly more commercial pieces. That approach didn’t quite work in that the number of listeners coupled to the interaction via Facebook actually went down... so it’s back to the usual format next week.

Update : a revised version of this show will be broadcast next weekend. The sound quality of two of the tracks was substandard so they'll be swapped out. There's also a profanity and, even though I got as close to the watershed as possible, it's still a bit iffy. Worst of all, one of the tracks (I'm not saying which one) violates our policy on links to videos containing adult material. Bridges was always intended to be a family-friendly show - it airs before the watershed - and we don't want to encourage children to go looking up smut on Youtube. They can do that on their own without my help, thanks.

  • Part One
  • Covenant, Bullet from a Gun
  • Blancmange, In Your Room
  • Glen Alexander, Yukky Fuzzy
  • Michael Whalen, Phonic
  • David Sylvian, Gentleman Take Polaroids
  • Japan, Monster
  • Seal, Kiss from a Rose
  • Howard Jones & BT, The One You Love
  • Girls Aloud, Call the Shots
  • Blancmange, Wanderlust
  • The Morris Qunilan Experience, The New Bali Ah’i
  • Gary Numan, The Gift
  • Part Two
  • Covenant, We Stand Alone
  • Ultravox, Lament
  • Ultravox, White China
  • I break horses, Ascension
  • Blancmange, Gravel Drive Syndrome
  • The Church, Under the Milky Way
  • Duran Duran, The Chauffeur
  • Glen Alexander, World on Fire
  • Nigel Standford, Cymatics
  • Michael Whalen, I have loved you for a thousand lifetimes
  • The Morris Qunilan Experience, No Experience Necessary
  • Covenant, Call the Ships to Port

Bridges 13 Air date : 29th August 2021 @ 1900 hours

The thirteenth edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's show dedicated to electronic / alternative music aired at 1900 hours on 28th August 2021. This edition should have been broadcast last weekend to coincide with the Let's Rock the North East Retro Festival n Herrington Park, Sunderland but, due to some unforseen technical issues, was delayed by a week.

  • Part One
  • Motorhead, Heroes (David Bowie cover)
  • Inertia, Scowl
  • Sinestar, Breathe Again
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Our System
  • Human League, The Black Hit of Space
  • Midge Ure, Monster
  • Duran Duran, Ordinary World
  • Tangerine Dream, The Comfort Zone
  • Bill Nelson, Another day, Another Ray of Hope
  • Asana, Saviour
  • Kirsty Hawkshaw, Loverush
  • Tangerine Dream, Civilised Illusions
  • Part Two
  • Glen Alexander, Swordfish
  • Howard Jones, Hide and Seek
  • Duran Duran, Come Undone World
  • Human League, Seconds
  • Asana, Ascent
  • Midge Ure, Answers to Nothing
  • Bill Nelson, Sky Scooter
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Metroland
  • Hawkwind, Motorhead

Bridges 12 Air date : 7th August 2021 @ 1900 hours

The twelth edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's show dedicated to electronic / alternative music will air at 1900 hours on 7th August 2021. Tonight's edition is an Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark special so expect lots of funky dancing and heavy bass guitar...

  • Part One
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Electricity
  • Gary Numan, Sir Paul McCartney, Mark Ronson, I know Time (is calling)
  • Michael Whalen, Future Shock
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Joan of Arc
  • David Sylvian, Orpheus
  • Jan Hammer, Payback
  • Ian Boddy, Slide
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, We Love You
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Souvenier
  • John Foxx, The Running Man
  • Eisbrecker, Ohne Dich
  • Avarice, Poor Man's Game
  • ZZ Top, Rough Boy (Dusty Hill tribute)
  • Part Two
  • Adam Lastiwka, Travellers TV Series Montage
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, New Babies, New Toys
  • Jan Hammer, Skichaser
  • John Foxx, A Fallen Star
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, The Beginning and the End
  • Ian Boddy, Troubador
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Enola Gay
  • Pet Shop Boys, Always on my Mind
  • Michael Whalen, I have Loved you for a Thousand Lifetimes
  • ZZ Top, Sharp Dressed Man (Dusty Hill tribute)
  • Japan, European Son
  • Gary Numan, Dead Son Rising
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Dresden

Bridges 11 Air date : 24th July 2021 @ 1900 hours

The eleventh edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's show dedicated to electronic / alternative music will air at 1900 hours on 24th July 2021. Tonight's edition has a space theme...

  • Part One
  • Depeche Mode, Never Let me Down Again
  • Joyless Jones versus Department S, When all is said and done...
  • Billy Currie, Accidental Poetry of the Structure
  • Nigel Mullaney, Lost at Sea
  • Tiny Magnetic Pets, Drowning in Indigo
  • Scenius, Escalation
  • Nature of Wires, The Masquerade (NoW's Generation Blitz Remix)
  • Tangerine Dream, Mothers of Rain
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Dresden
  • Killing Joke, In Cythera
  • Vangelis, Chung Kao
  • Vangelis, The Tao of Love
  • Vangelis, Opening credits to 'Mutiny on the Bounty'
  • Part Two
  • Joe Satriani, Surfing with the Alien
  • Enigma, Age of Innocence
  • Daft Punk, Tron : Legacy soundtrack
  • Paradise Lost, So much is Lost
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Helen of Troy
  • Tangerine Dream, Sungate
  • Vangelis, Closing credits to 'Mutiny on the Bounty'
  • Tiny Magnetic Pets, Blitzed
  • Nigel Mullaney, Alison
  • Blancmange, White Circle, Black Hole
  • Billy Currie, Tremolo Shudder
  • Department S, Is Vic There? (Rogue Sector Remix)
  • Depeche Mode, Barrel of a Gun

Bridges 10 Air date : 10th July 2021 @ 1900 hours

The tenth edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's show dedicated to electronic / alternative music will air at 1900 hours on 10th July 2021. Tonight's edition has a space theme...

  • Part One
  • Ultravox, Astradyne
  • David Bowie, I look a ride in a Gemini Spacecraft
  • Babylon Zoo, Spaceman
  • VNV Nation, The Farthest Star
  • David Bowie, Space Oddity
  • Muse, Starlight
  • The Church, Under the Milky Way
  • Ian Boddy, Cassiopeia’s Dream
  • State Azure, The Kardshev Scale
  • Hardwell featuring Amba Shepherd, Apollo
  • Part Two
  • Mike Oldfield, The Songs of Distant Earth
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms, Silent Running
  • Kraftwerk, SpaceLab
  • Nigel Stanford, Solar Echoes
  • System F, Solstice
  • State Azure, String Theory
  • Anzo, Moonbound
  • Nigel Stanford, One Hundred Hunters
  • Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, An Ending (Apollo Sounds tracks)
  • Moby, We are made of Stars
  • Churches, Night Sky
  • David Bowie/Pet Shop Boys, Hello, Spaceboy
  • Ultravox, Satellite

Bridges 09 Air date : 26th June 2021 @ 1900 hours

The nineth edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's show dedicated to electronic / alternative music will air at 1900 hours on 26th June 2021.

  • Part One
  • David Bowie, Dead Man Walking
  • Billy Currie, Traveller
  • Chop 5, Some Shine
  • Scenius, Make it Shiny
  • Bush, The Chemicals between us
  • Kebu, Fleeting Lights
  • Billy Currie, Rakaia River
  • WIDA, Trance Number 04
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms, Central Plains
  • Jon Hopkins, Lost In Thought
  • Part Two
  • Kraftwerk, Computer Love [The Mix Remix]
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms, Silent Running
  • Gary Numan, In a Dark Place
  • Ion, The Faraway Piano
  • Pauline Murray, Secrets
  • Jean-Michel Jarre, Automatic [Parts One and Two]
  • Scenius, Some of your nights
  • Chop 5, Consciousness Begins
  • Billy Currie et al, Ukraine
  • Tubeway Army, Listen to the Sirens
  • David Bowie, Little Wonder

Bridges 08 Air date : 5th June 2021 @ 1900 hours

The eighth edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's show dedicated to electronic / alternative music will air at 1900 hours on 5th June 2021.

  • Part One
  • Mark Shreeve, Ride the Lightning
  • The Killers, Spaceman
  • Tangerine Dream, Song of the Whale [Part One]
  • Love Hurt Bleed, Gary Numan [Paul Berry No Fret / Partridge Mix]
  • T-Bass UK, The Fabuluous Neutrinos
  • Chemical Brothers, Burst Generator
  • John Foxx, Walk Away
  • The Black Channel, Dark Side
  • Mike Oldfield, Sentinel
  • John Foxx, Underpass [Mark reeder Dystopian mix]
  • Trance Mixdown, William Orbit, Ferry Corsten et al
  • Part Two
  • Gary Numan, Is This world Enough?
  • Killing Joke, Euphoria
  • Sparks, Number One Song in Heaven
  • Lisa Bella Donna, Ascension
  • Sparks, When do I get to sing 'My Way'?
  • Tangerine Dream, Song of the Whale [Part Two]
  • The Killers, Human
  • Mark Shreeve, Nocturne

Bridges 07 Air date : 22nd May 2021 @ 1900 hours

The seventh edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's show dedicated to electronic / alternative music will air at 1900 hours on 22nd May 2021.

  • Part One
  • Gary Numan, Intruder
  • The Stranglers, No More Heroes
  • Mark Shreeve, Crash Head
  • Iris Brickfield, All I Want
  • Razmataz Lorry Excitement, I Can't '
  • Tunnel Club, High on Life
  • Tangerine Dream, Oriental Haze
  • Tenek, Another Day
  • Depeche Mode, Suffer Well
  • Sisters of Mercy, This Corrosion
  • Gary Numan, Cars [Premier Mix]
  • Steve Luck, One Little Victory
  • Carbon Based Lifeforms, MOS 6581
  • Part Two
  • The Stranglers, Always the Sun
  • VNV Nation, The Farthest Star
  • Sisters of Mercy, Lucretia My Reflection
  • Depeche Mode, Nothing's Impossible
  • Tangerine Dream, Hamlet
  • Midge Ure, Western Promise
  • Tunnel Club, Elevate
  • Iris Brickfield, Lavender House
  • Mark Shreeve, Darkness Comes
  • The Stranglers, If you see Dave...
  • Gary Numan, Love Hurt Bleed

Bridges 06 Air date : 8th May 2021 @ 1900 hours

The sixth edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's show dedicated to electronic / alternative music will air at 1900 hours on 8th May 2021.

  • Part One
  • The Cure, Just Like Heaven
  • Ultravox, One Small Day [Extended Version]
  • Smashing Pumpkins, Stand Inside Your Love
  • Maxxess, Reactivate
  • Tangerine Dream, Tangram [edit]
  • EurasianEyes, Jealousy
  • Orbital, Halcyon and on and on
  • SkinMechanix, Tension
  • Hans Zimmer / Alan Walker, Time
  • Andrew Huang, Monolith
  • Kebu, Hope
  • I Break Horses, Ascension
  • Part Two
  • Kraftwerk, Radioactivity [1991 Remix]
  • Nigel Stanford, The Watchers
  • Rammstein, Feuer Frei
  • Maxxess, Protection
  • Tangerine Dream, It's time to leave when everybody is dancing
  • EurasianEyes, Fantasy World
  • Smashing Pumpkins, This Time
  • Ultravox, Love's Great Adventure [Extended Version]
  • Bush, The Chemicals between us
  • The Cure, A Forest

Bridges 05 Air date : 24th April 2021 @ 1900 hours

The fifth edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's show dedicated to electronic music will air at 1900 hours on 24th April 2021.

  • Part One
  • Tangerine Dream, Civilized Illusions from the movie Shy People
  • Ultravox, Slow Motion
  • Ultravox, The Voice
  • Ultravox, Brilliant
  • Tunnel Club, edit from Northern Exposure 2017
  • Razmataz Lorry Excitement, In the Beat
  • Jan Hammer, Theme from Eurocops
  • Jan Hammer, Trance
  • Jan Hammer, SkipChaser
  • Gary Numan, Now and Forever
  • Killing Joke, Euphoria
  • Moby, James Bond theme
  • Alien Ant Farm, Smooth Criminal [Cover]
  • Part Two
  • Tangerine Dream, Streethawk
  • Moby, We are all made of Stars
  • Covenant, Stalker
  • David Bowie, Scary Monsters & Super Creeps
  • Vangelis, End Titles from Blade Runner
  • Vangelis, Love Theme from ,em>Blade Runner
  • Tangerine Dream, Warsaw in the Sun
  • Killing Joke, In Cythera
  • VNV Nation, When is the Future?
  • David Bowie, Loving the Alien
  • John Foxx & Louis Gordon, Sidewalking
  • MarqElectronica, Bad Bones
  • Jan Hammer, New York Theme from Miami Vice
  • Tubeway Army, Fadeout 1930s

Bridges 04 Air date : 10th April 2021 @ 1900 hours

The fourth edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's show dedicated to electronic music will air at 1900 hours on 10th April 2021.

Note : This is an updated version of the original show with a better vocal mix, tighter running order and two track changes to reduce the overall running time (so that we don't cut Gary Numan off in his prime...)

  • Part One
  • Depeche Mode, Big Muff
  • Paraniomia, The Art of Noise with Max Headroom
  • Bad Wolves, Zombie (Cover)
  • Placebo, A Friend In Need
  • Depeche Mode, Enjoy the Silence [Mike Shinoda Remix]
  • Project Pitchfork, Rain
  • t.A.T.u., All the Things She said
  • Depeche Mode, It's no good
  • Eighties Adverts Medley
  • 1. Midge Ure / Chris Cross Levi's Rivets
  • 2. Ian Drury Hello Tosh, got a Toshiba
  • 3. The Human League Gordon's Gin
  • 4. The Art of Noise Cranberries, Moments in Love [Brycream Advert]
  • 5. Tubeway Army Lee Cooper Jeans
  • Killing Joke, Love Like Blood
  • Empathy Test, Loising Touch
  • The Right Hand of Onan, Edith Piaf ate my Hamster
  • The Right Hand of Onan, Don't read this out on air. You'll get banned...
  • Part Two
  • Shiny Darkness, In the Silence
  • Massive Attack, Teardrop
  • The Mission, Tower of Strength
  • Tubeway Army, Me! I disconnect from you!
  • Talk Talk, Talk Talk
  • Maxxess, Electrixx
  • Kate Bush, Running up that Hill
  • David Bowie/Trent Reznor, I'm afraid of Americans
  • John Dyson, Reprisal
  • Maxxess, Vision
  • Gary Numan, Ghost Nation

Bridges 03 Air date : 27th March 2021 @ 1900 hours

The third edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's brand new show dedicated to electronic music will air at 1900 hours on 27th March 2021. This is the Hurrah! We didn't get cancelled edition...

  • Part One
  • Covenant, Bullet
  • Nine Inch Nails, The Perfect Drug
  • Churches, Wonderland
  • Gary Numan, Music For Chameleons
  • Agency-V, This Time
  • VNV Nation, The Farthest Star
  • Gary Numan/Andy Gray, For You (Theme from Hunters)
  • Talk Like Tigers, Fruit
  • Arc, Howl
  • Cranberries, Zombie
  • Placebo, Nancy Boy
  • Covenant, Call the ships to port
  • Boddy/Reuter, Memento
  • Ian Boddy, Axiom
  • Trance Session
  • System F, Out of the Blue
  • Delerium featuring Sarah Mclachlan, The Silence (Tiesto Remix)
  • System F, Exhale
  • Part Two
  • Parastatic, Saint Mary
  • Jean-Michel Jarre, Zoolookologie
  • Razmatazz Lorry Excitement, Haven
  • VNV Nation, Illusion
  • Japan, Life in Tokyo
  • David Bowie, The Stars are out tonight
  • Me Lost Me, Worm Unearthed
  • The Mission, Butterfly on a Wheel
  • Ultravox, Ingenuity

Churches Wonderland @ Moog Soundlab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjxsabBjmfI

Bridges 02 Air date : 13th March 2021 @ 1900 hours

The second edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's brand new show dedicated to electronic music will air at 1900 hours on 13th March 2021.

The playlist looks a lot like this:

  • Part One
  • Linkin Park, In The End
  • Japan, European Son
  • Tunnel Club, Live at Norther Exposure 2018
  • Tenek, Sombre Friday
  • Tenek, Fear For Nothing
  • State Azure, SwitchBlade
  • John Foxx, Barbican Brakhage
  • Gary Numan, I Am Screaming
  • John Foxx, Barbican Brakhage
  • Talk Like Tigers, Diamonds
  • Ian Boddy, Virtual Journey
  • Ian Boddy, Ecliptic
  • John Foxx, Twilight's Last Gleaming

  • Part Two
  • Tangerine Dream, Marakesh
  • Eisbrecher, Ohne Dich
  • Churches, Wonderland
  • Twist Helix, Renewal
  • Nigel Stanford, Solar Echoes
  • William Control, Deathclub
  • Eurasianeyes, Far Off Land (Instrumental)
  • Gary Numan, The End of Things
  • Apocalyptica, Nothing Else Matters (Metallica Cover)
  • Tin Gun, Devils and Angels (Psykelektric Mix)
  • Ultravox, I never wanted to begin

More fun next week... unless we get cancelled... :)

Bridges 01 Air date : 27th February 2021 @ 1900 hours

The very first edition of Bridges, Radio Northumberland's brand new show dedicated to electronic music will air at 1900 hours on Satuday 27th February 2021.

The playlist looks a lot like this:

  • Part One
  • Gary Numan, Pure
  • NiN, Head like a Hole
  • Nigel Stanford, Automatica
  • Depeche Mode, Enjoy the Silence (Mike Shinoda remix)
  • Blancmange, Living on the Ceiling
  • Eurasian Eyes, Far off Land
  • Gary Numan, Intruder
  • Nigel Standford, Cymatics
  • Thomas Dolby, Europa and the Pirate Twins
  • Midge Ure, Monster
  • John Foxx, Evergreen
  • Sleepy-Time/Chillout Section
  • Brian Eno / Roger Eno / Daniel Lanois, An Ending [Ascent] from the Apollo Soundtracks
  • Tangerine Dream, Love on a Real Train
  • Part Two
  • Tangerine Dream, Lily of the Beach
  • Kraftwerk, Tour de France
  • Michael McCann, Icarus Deus Ex Soundtrack
  • Bronson, Foundation / Heart Attack
  • Tunnel Club, Infinite Orbit [SkinMechanix / Falling Skies remix]
  • Jean-Michel Jarre / Armin Van Buuren, Stardust
  • Kraftwerk, The Robots
  • David Bowie, Dead Man Walking
  • David Bowie/PetShops Boys, Hello Spaceboy
  • OMD, New babies, new toys
  • Ultravox, One Small Day

This is the first show. Expect some rough edges. I haven't quite found my radio voice yet. Be patient. We'll get there.

Submission Guidelines (updated 23-Feb-21)

Here are a rough set of guidelines for submitting tracks to Bridges

1. First and foremost, we aim to be a family-friendly show. We don’t play tracks which are linked to strong sexual content. End of. If your track features an explicit video then we won’t play your track. This is non-negotiable. Why? Because our audience includes children and young adults, and kids these days are highly proficient at using web tools. They can find age-restricted videos with comparative ease so if your track features a lot of sex, nudity and general smut then, sorry. We won’t touch it. Mild sex is okay. Profanity is okay, within reason. Ask yourself this. Would you be happy showing your video to my Aunty Pat from Shiney Row? If you think Aunty Pat would disapprove then please find another track. Remember, you Aunty Pat is not the same as my Aunty Pat. My Aunty Pat swears like a Hendon Docker and has more tattoos on her bosom than entire The North of England Chapter of the Hell’s Angels but she is easily offended. So tread carefully.

2. Artists must be producing music right now. It doesn’t matter if they’ve split from their original band and moved on to another career or have gone solo. Providing that artist is still writing good music then they’ll be considered for airplay.

3. You must have listened to the show at least once. No exceptions. If you still think your material fits within the show's remit then send us a link to a web page, a Youtube video or a Soundcloud account.

4. Don’t send us files. If you send me a 100Mb AIFF file of your latest hit then I’ll blacklist you and you won’t ever hear from us again.

5. We don’t play tracks by certain labels because they’ve blacklisted us. Sorry if that sounds negative but those are the breaks. Similarly, if you lobbed a cease and desist legal thing in our direction then... :)

6. Artists from the North East Electronic Scene get automatic first consideration, whatever their style. We’re not God. We don’t judge. We’ll probably play your track even if we don’t like it, so long as the production values are reasonably high. We’re here to give you a leg up. If you want to get played then consider moving up here.

7. The programme concentrates on a mix of Dark Electro, Machine Rock and Alternative. Basically, we play what we like and what we enjoy, as well as artists who, we feel, deserve to be heard by a wider audience. In particular, we’re interested in those artists who are having a really hard time getting noticed. Guess what? We were in the same boat when we started out. Got a hard-luck story? Tell us all about it.

The Music we play

So long as the piece is fundamentally electronic, musical style is unimportant - content and context is paramount.

Length - we will, on occasion, play longer tracks. However, the majority of the pieces we play are between three and six minutes in duration. If your track takes fifty minutes of long slow aimless meandering before getting to a vague and nebulous conclusion then sorry, Bridges is not for you.

We won’t play noise tracks. If your track is just five minutes of car alarms going off or an hour of filter-swept noodling then this programme is not for you.

We do play ambient, usually as part of our Sleepy-time thread. We can’t guarantee that you’ll have an audience though. Most of our listeners will use Sleepy-time as an opportunity to visit the loo, put the kettle on, get a beer from the fridge or put the cat out. It’s your nickel.

We don’t play drones. Our aim is to keep the listener entertained and engaged, and to provide the backdrop to their Saturday night in. We do not want our listeners to switch to another station. Careful, detailed precise scientific analysis has clearly demonstrated that nearly every scientient living being in the Universe would rather gnaw its own foot off than listen to another artfully crafted three hour drone track. So, no... Don’t.

You Sir, are not metal.

We like our metal. We like our punk. We love our guitars. How heavy will we go? We don’t know. Try us. However, if it sounds like a Machine Gun blasting off two hundred rounds a minute with lyrics that appear to have been written by a hoard of Satan’s more playful minions then we’re unlikely to give it airtime. Fans of Norwegian Death Metal and Des O’Connor’s later works should look elsewhere.


We’re not massively bothered if you gift wrap your latest release in a roll of newspaper that’s been at the bottom of the cat’s litter tray for a month or if you stick it in a Jiffy bag with around a dozen or so nice, crisp ten pound notes. Art is subjective and we’re not critics. However, we do insist that you pay attention to the quality and format of your recording.

It's not important if your track has been artfully rendered in glorious 24-bit, 96kHz pro audio or just hacked together with bits of old cassette tape. What matters is that we can import it easily into our audio system (Logic X running on Apple Mac). Our shows are rendered and exported as 320 kps MP3 files so the source is not hugely important. WAV, AIFF or MP3 files are ideal. We can deal with other formats if we have to but we’d rather not. If it will take two hours to import and edit your Meisterwerk into Logic then we’ll probably just replace your track with something by Rammstein or Rick Astley.

Recording quality is very important. If the levels are so low that they’re barely above the noise floor then we cant play it. Similarly, if your levels were recorded at such a level that the waveform is just a dense wall of black that hits 0dB 100% of the time then… No. I probably won’t even look at it. I have no desire to blow my speakers out. Or my ears.

One final word - If you do send us something then it's very, very important that you send us your best possible work. If it's not your best possible work then why are you sending it?

“Hey, Dave. We’ve been friends for thirty years. Why don’t you play my stuff?”

We play the music we like. We play the music we think our audience will like. Our aim is to build an audience that keeps coming back to the show week after week, year after year. We want to develop and support a community of musicians, a scene, in the North East of England that is second to none because we believe we have a deep, deep well of highly skilled, very talented musicians and bands in this part of the world that deserves to be heard. We’re not partisan.

We’re also happy to work hand-in-hand with other radio shows within this region to develop and enhance the scene. I’m a massive fan of the BBC’s Introducing series. Credit to them for the work they do in supporting artists.

However, just because we’re friends does not automatically mean that you’ll be pushed to the forefront of the programme and given top billing. We work strictly on merit and nothing else. That said, insincere flattery and Terry’s Chocolate Oranges sent anonymously will help.

Great, you made it this far. Still want to send us something? Even better.

Our submission form has stopped working so... Send us a message using your standard mailer by clicking here with the following details:

  • Your name

  • Your e-mail address

  • Your band name

  • Link to your track (ideally Bandcamp or Soundcloud, preferrably not Spotify)

Talk soon,